Carpet Cleaning


CONSUMER WARNING – Knowing what to expect and helpful Hints – Warning signs to look out for. Make sure you know what services the company includes in the price and what they charge extra for.

Professional cleaning prices should include: 1) Truckmounted Steam or Truckmounted Dry Cleaning 2) IICRC Certified Company & Technicians 3) Preinspection of areas to be serviced 4) Pretreating of all areas, with special attention to soiled areas and spots
5) Cleaning solutions 6) Movement of most furniture, placed on plastic chips or foam blocks 7) Post inspection of areas serviced 8) Guarantee of 3 days or more, to redo services paid for at no extra charge.

The 2 Routine Services – (Both are extra services at extra cost) Scotchgard/Teflon protector and Microban disinfectant. Carpets should be cleaned and reprotected every 12 months or less. The Scotchgard/Teflon is striped off from everyday use, and it should be reapplied each cleaning “To take the carpets back to the same performance it left the Mill with.” Microban (sanitized) should be done every other cleaning. Carpets exposed to small children, pets, or are over concrete or are below grade (basement) should be sanitized each cleaning.

The 2 Specialty Services – Freshen-All (pet accident/odor enzyme treatment) and MasterBlend Allergy Relief Treatment. Both are special services benefiting the customer, not the carpet. (Both are extra services at extra cost)

Industry standard – Combined areas and areas over 250 sq. ft. considered 2 or more areas. (Normally rooms cleaned the most, are those most lived in, and are the largest areas in the home. Family room, living room & Master bedroom, which are normally around 200 sq.ft. The average Area in the U.S. is approximately 125 sq.ft.)

THE INDUSTRY STANDARD regarding PRETREATING and SPOT CLEANING. Exactly as written in the standard – “Special treatment with preconditioning agents in heavily soiled entry and traffic areas should be included in the cost of normal cleaning. However, overall job cost may increase in extreme soiling situations.” Spot treating is written similarly. Property maintained carpets should be cleaned and reprotected approximately every 12 months, varing with exposure and wear.