THOROCLEAN Guarantees and Warranty

THOROCLEAN believes a true measure of a great service company is not perfection, but rather how well it handles problems. THOROCLEAN is sincerely committed to your satisfaction.  To this end, THOROCLEAN provides the most thorough Guarantee and Warranty in the industry.

The most common concern is reappearing spots. These occur when spotting agents penetrate the backing (carpet) or filler (upholstery). These are known as WICKING spots. The spot is removed from the face yarn when cleaned, the spotting agent resurfaces (wicks back) while drying. Wicking spots must extend from surface to backing or filler.

10 Day THOROCLEAN Service Guarantee
All cleaning services include the 10 Day Guarantee.  If you’re unhappy with the cleaning service we will gladly return and reclean the affected area or item free of charge within the first 10 days.

Excluded – Surface spots or new accidents. Permanent stains from dyes, inks or wear. Color loss from urine, vomit, sun fading, cleaning agents, wear, etc.

Odors permeate into the surrounding areas and items when humid. Cleaning as a rule magnifies odors. Treatment options are Microban disinfectant and Freshen-All odor counteractant. Retreatment of areas or items with services paid for, are free of charge within 10 days of service. Services not paid for are additional.

On-Time Guarantee
You know how service calls are. You make an appointment, then you are trapped – because SURPRISE – they never show up on time. But not with THOROCLEAN.  We know how valuable your time is to you so we give you the THOROCLEAN On-Time Guarantee.

We guarantee your THOROCLEAN confirmed appointment will be on time.
If we are late, you decide. You can receive $20 OFF your cleaning bill or you can take 50% OFF additional services added to your original order.

 6 Month Spot and Spill Warranty
Every THOROCLEAN Carpet Cleaning service comes with our 6 month spot and spill warranty. Designed to help you keep your carpet spot free between regular cleanings, our spot and spill warranty gives you access to professional cleanings at a reduced rate. The service charge is $59.95 and cleaning is only $10 per area. Additional services are also available at $10 per area. So, for a greatly reduced rate, you can take care of any spots, spills and traffic areas without breaking the bank!